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Christmas Then and Now …….why choose us !

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 Let’s all share this opportunity to help us make an even bigger difference in our Santa worlds! It’s a fun and curious proposition, and will only take a minute to do!

*It won’t cost a dime and will create a fun re-connection, with yourselves AND we Thank You so much for coming aboard!


You can make an impact on a local and personal level, and our Red Sled Santa Foundation is here to help you. This is a Fun Opportunity to participate and we would be so thrilled to share with you your “Long ago Past and now Current” Picture By posting your before and after pictures on this site. If you are ‘with Santa” in your youth, even better!

RedSledSanta LLC. will donate $1 each post towards this year’s “act of kindness” recipient.  And we will report the end result to each of you that posted your “Then and Now,” pictures, at the end of the year.


Cause: Humanitarian Reach-Out and random “Acts of unexpected Kindness.”


ALL YOU HAVE TO DO Mission: At Red Sled Santa foundation, it’s our focus to pay it forward with random acts of chartable kindness. This is an endeavor that you can have an impact on by simply posting your “Then and Now” pictures on our site and we at redsledsanta.com will donate our dollar “Thank-You” to the fund for the under-served families.

We are all here to inspire acts of loving kindness around the world both big and small to change lives for the better. Might you consider being a participant with us?


Target demographics: Low income and under-served families in surrounding Communities.                                               

Direct beneficiaries per year: Random Acts of opportunistic kindnesses.

 (They are all around us). 


Charity doesnt have to just be done just through the pocketbook or in grueling work that feels like penance for not having it as bad as some others. It is in our nature to care and nurture naturally, even those who cant contribute monetarily are encouraged to do acts of kindness in fun, engaging ways. That’s how we give back. We’d like to encourage people to have a little fun with this as it will cost you nothing but to post your “Then and Now” pictures. A dollar donation (in your name) will be then given by redsledsanta.com and as this amount grows with your participation, will be given in a “random act of kindness” to be noted and shared with you at a later date in the year.  


Red Sled Santa foundation endeavors to show that charity doesnt have to be costly, and kindness isnt something only those with the financial means to spare can spread. In our community we collected coloring books and crayons, easy paper crafts, word searches, and picture books for the local childrens hospital. After, we got the wish list for the local no-kill animal shelters and brought them each a cart full of food, toys, treats and cleaning supplies. We dropped a load of donated books off for our local Little Free Library, and we gave a load of donated toys and clothes to the battered women and children shelter. Our most current “random act of kindness” gave help and support to the local Unified school district which has enabled us to supply special needs classrooms with fun themed resting environments. This you will see posted soon. A very much in need couple was paying a small portion of their utility bill at the payment office so their electric and water would not be turned off.  Anonymously, an inquiry to their account was made and their bill was completely paid off.

It’s things like this that we want to inspire in everyone. And it doesn’t have to cost money, it can be in your actions, your behavior, your helpfulness and in your prayers.

We just want to start a campaign to re-up the inspiration for these random acts of kindness behaviors and by asking you to post your “Then and Now” pictures: we will Thank You by setting examples and including you in sharing our results!


Current Community Shares:

Habitat for Humanity


Union Mission

Project Angel Food

Make a Wish Foundation

Shriners Children’s Hospital

Operation 9 Reindeer.org

Santa Drill Team.org

Jade Cares Foundation

In affiliate with CBS / K-Earth 101 Christmas giveaway  (Knock-Knock)

And Random Acts of Kindness.


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